From the Desk of Ed Hume: Myrna’s Favorite Vegetables

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My wife Myrna and I are really concerned about where our produce comes from, so we grow a lot of our own  (as well as purchase) organic grown vegetables.  Now, as we prepare our vegetable garden for planting this year, here are six of her favorites (in alphabetical order) that we will be including in our garden:

BEAN – Romano, Roma II (Bush): The flavorful pods are very productive, early, and straight.  They are slow to develop fiber and seeds, which gives its pods better texture longer than other Romano beans.  Its wide, light green, smooth flat pods are borne at the top of upright bush plants for easy picking. (59 days)

CORN – Kandy Korn: This variety has super high natural sugar content.  Holds it flavor up to 48 hours longer than most corn.  Quickly freeze it and it tastes as good as the day you picked it!  This hybrid variety is by far our favorite at the Hume household.  It truly is a delicious table corn.  Each ear has 14 to 16 rows of kernels. (90 days)

CUCUMBER – Lemon: This is a favorite from childhood days, due mainly to its sweet flavor.  It is ideal for salads and relishes.  The fruit looks like a round lemon instead of the typical cylindrical-shaped cucumber.  An exceptionally nice variety for cool short season climates.  For best flavor, Myrna suggests that you pick them when they are light yellow. (70 days)

LETTUCE – Parris Island Romaine: Myrna loves the tender crisp, sweet flavor of this popular variety.  It has an upright growth to 10 inches with large, thick, medium green, slightly ruffled leaves with a creamy white center.  It is tolerant to many lettuce diseases and is slow bolting.  Great for Caesar salad! (65 days)

RADISH – Watermelon: This one Myrna likes to use in a salad because the bright red center adds color with greens and it tastes great.  Its color is just the opposite of the typical radish, being white on the outside, red in the center.  This is an excellent vegetable for children to grow because it germinates so quickly.

SQUASH – Delicata (Winter): Also know as “sweet potato squash” because of its flavor and “peanut squash” because of its shape.  Delicata is very productive and stores well throughout the Winter and into the Spring.  Myrna puts it in the microwave for about a minute to soften the outer skin, cuts it in two the long way, and then removes the seeds.  Next, she dabs some butter (or vegetable oil) inside, turns the two pieces upside down, and microwaves it for another 3 or 4 minutes.  It is also delicious baked or steamed.

A few of Myrna’s other favorites include “Rainbow Blend” Swiss chard, “Cylindrical” beets, “Legend” tomatoes, “Ingot” carrots, “Waltham 29” broccoli, “Early Snowball” cauliflower, and “Walla Walla” onions.



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